The tower at Villamorey

Ruta de la Sierra del Crespón. PR.AS-121

You're headed here.

You’re headed here.









Another favourite walk of mine starts in Villamorey and takes you up to the tower, where you can either enjoy the views and feel good about what you’ve done or you can continue up and round for a more challenging walk. This walk has great views, nice gentle climbs and falls and again, you will often be alone. If you’re driving to Villamorey, leave your car in the car park next to the chapel and walk to the end of the village where you’ll find the path that goes past a chicken house and up along a  path with views of the fields and Rioseco on the other side of the resevoir.  Keep walking along and up  you will climb up some stone steps and come to a picnic area with great views over the valley. From there, continue along and up slightly. You follow the line of the resevoir until a path takes you down and to the right. At the bottom you come to the ruins of a stone house. Cross infront of the house and take the narrow steep path up the side of the tower. It’s perfectly doable with young children (my youngest was probably about 4 when he did it for the first time) but you will need to keep a tight hold on them. Climb up and round until you are at the base of the tower. Sit down and enjoy your sandwiches and looking down on it all!