Welcome to Walking in Asturias

So this is my blog. I have lived in Redes Natural Park for 3 years and i love walking, not really the hi-tech loads of equipment and a compass type walking, more the decent pair of boots an apple in your bag and off you go type walking.  I’m trying to do all my favourite walks with pictures so that the routes are easy to follow.  If you know these signs:

Don’t pick these:

Don’t scare these:

You’re good to go. x

From Agues to Ladines

This is probably my favourite walk. It’s short (it takes about an 1.5 hours), you are almost guaranteed to be alone, you walk through some magical forest, across a stream and arrive in the beautiful village of Ladines, where you are rewarded with fantastic valley views, a friendly bar and a playground if you’re with kids.

Take the main street through Agues, keeping the river on your right. Follow the street as it leaves the village and becomes a wide concrete path. Follow the path,  don’t be tempted to cross the river until you get to a 3 way junction at which point you take the sharp left turn.


Turn left here.

Stay on this path, there are fields either side of you and if you look up to the right, you should be able to see the village of Ladines. Keep following the path and heading up. You will come to another 3 way junction (down to the left leads to a gate), take the path off to the right that goes up quite steeply.


Turn right here.

Follow this path up and up and up, it is quite steep but it’s only for 0.5 km. Soon the path will even out and you are in the middle of the forest, the path winds round and continues up and soon you will be at the same height as Ladines; you have good views off to your left. When you get to the top of the hill, the path flattens out for 50 metres or so before  bending to the left and starting to go up again. You now need to look for a small trail going off to your left. It is signalled by the ‘walk’ sign on a tree about 10 metres in on the left.


Turn left here.

If you start another steep climb on the main path, you’ve gone too far. If you look closely you will also see 2 trees with the ‘no walk’ sign, to show that you’ve gone wrong. Take this trail off to the left and follow it down towards the river. You will come to a small fork in the path with a yellow arrow indicating the low path. In my experience, it’s better to take the high path as it’s less muddy. You are picking your way over tree roots and divets so you do have to be careful about where you’re putting your feet. Although you need to cross the river, you should stick to the higher path where there’s a choice as it’s drier and easier to navigate. This path will take you past a beautiful old tumble down stone wall with moss growing along it; follow the path towards the sound of the river. Pick your way across the stream and you are pretty much on the home stretch.


Pick your way across the stream.

You notice that you’re coming out of the forest. You will come to a large cow shed on your right, you should turn left and follow the path into the village. You are rewarded with great views of where you’ve come from down to your left. The village itself is well worth a meander, it’s all pretty houses, flowers galore and wandering chickens. As long as you don’t go significantly up, all roads will lead to the bar, where you can enjoy a welcome beer or coffee in the little garden out the back and take it all in. While you’re in the village, I recommend a trip to Vayu  for a hands on bee keeping experience or just for buying their local honey and liquors and to the organic bakery.