Cycling in Asturias

I love my bike, it used to be great for getting to and from work or nipping to the shops when you discover you’ve got no chocolate at a crucial moment, but I have  never ever gone out on it, lycred up and legs shaved (!)  for a brutal day’s uphill climbing because to be honest it looks like really hard work and I’m quite easily distracted, which is probably not ideal when you’re doing 40kph+ on a steep narrow hill. However, we’ve got some enthusiastic cyclists staying with us at the moment and I think I could be converted; add to that the hoo ha around The Vuelta coming to Pola de Laviana and it’s all getting quite exciting. I’ll be there on Monday watching stage 16 and if you’re interested in cycling in Asturias check out my good friend and keen cyclist’s blog bikeasturias

Biking Asturias

Asturias is pefect for outdoor activities and cycling is incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why.  Asturias offers some of the best cycling routes in Europe and to make it all easier for English speakers there’s a great new blog Bike Asturias with photos and videos of the best routes all in English!!