looking back to look forward

I haven’t written anything for a while and I’m feeling  like it’s going to be a long winter, so I had a look back to a couple of walks Idid in summer and early Autumn. Picu La Xamoca- I loved it-  I went alone and really appreciated the silence and the shade on the way up. I sat among the cows on the clearing for ages looking out over Parque Redes. It starts from Campiellos and is easy to find until you get to los lagos where the path takes you into some scrubby forest and it’s easy to lose the trail. When I go back, it will be as far as the lakes for a spot of sitting and looking.

Rock climbing in Asturias

We’ve just said goodbye to two  guests who made me reassess my idea of fitness and stopped me feeling smug about doing my 5 km run every other day!! This couple  managed to pack their two week stay with walking, cycling and rock climbing; pretty much only coming back to the house to shower and sleep before heading off into the glorious autumn sunshine for another day’s exhilaration. The walking and cycling are not new to me, but…

Who knew that Asturias had some of the best crags in Spain and Europe? Well Richie Patterson knew and spent over 2 years of his life writing the difinitive guide to cragging in the area ,which is what brought this couple to us. Roca Verde written in both Spanish and English, is a really good accessible guide featuring all the information you need; “how to choose the right venue for sun or shade, summer or winter for whatever grade you climb” in Northern Spain. I’m not a climber, but as a  lover of Asturias this book feels really exciting because it  is sure to bring the climbing world this way and open up this amazing part of Spain to more outdoor enthusiasts.

Sample page from the book.

Sample page from the book.